5 Tips to Remember in Carnival Theme Parties!

Are you looking for theme ideas to make your event special? Then having a carnival-themed party will make the celebration all the more worthwhile. Carnival is a popular festive party in Rio, where people enjoy with their loved ones by wearing colourful masks, carnival-themed costumes and contains different elements of circus and street parties. A carnival-themed event is a perfect way to liven the party and provides you with different options while planning and decorating. A successful carnival themed party should have at least eye-catching decorations, centerpieces, fun themed food, and of course entertaining activities to cheer everyone. Read on for a guide to plan the ultimate carnival themed party for your birthday.

Getting Started with Invitations and Party Supplies

The planning for any event begins with the preparation of a guest list and then moves towards designing the invitations. Design your invitations in sync with the theme by adding different circus elements. Also, don’t forget to add details about the venue and other requirements for your carnival themed birthday party.

When planning for the party, you need to derive inspiration from the carnival festival itself. The carnival festival uses different party props to bring energy and excitement. You can also create a carnival-themed background by using colourful art decorations and modernist carnival themed party supplies for your event.

Ideas for Carnival Themed Decorations and Centerpieces

Whether you are organising a birthday party or a special celebratory event like an anniversary, carnival themed parties work best with elaborate party props and decorations.

You can consider setting up colourful lightings, palm trees, carnival balloon arch, lanterns, chandeliers, and other breathtaking carnival themed decorations to take your guests into the world of colourful Rio. You can install furniture at the venue that complements the theme such as cube chairs and poseur tables. If you want to make the most out of your carnival themed birthday party, then you should consider wearing carnival-themed costumes and colourful masks!

Use Statement Centerpieces

A good centerpiece increases the appeal of the party and adds more vibrancy to the theme. Bringing the colourful hues of the festival will require you to pay special attention while choosing carnival themed centerpieces.

For the centerpiece design, you can select from a wide range of carnival themed party props such as string curtains, giant popcorn stand or you can add astounding lighting to create an ambient atmosphere.

If you plan on dancing the night away, then spotlights and a disco ball will work wonders for your carnival themed birthday party.

5 Tips to Remember in Carnival Theme Parties!

Don’t forget about Food and Music!

A party is incomplete without food and delectable desserts. Moreover, carnival food is famous for its unique flavours and textures. Hence you need to think about the menu and ensure that it complements the theme. Also, while you are deciding on food, be sure to create a cheerful playlist that drives inspiration from the festival and spreads joy.

How Party Planners Can Help You Throw A Carnival Themed Party?

The carnival experience is something that will make your event truly memorable. However, attempting to plan all the aspects of the party can be quite overwhelming. That’s why you should consider hiring a party planning agency for your carnival themed birthday party, corporate events, or any other special event.

Party planners have years of experience in conceptualising events and delivering captivating decorations for your party. They will take care of everything right from deciding the venue to setting up a carnival-themed dessert table for your event and help you create a captivating carnival themed party that celebrates your special moments.