How to Bring Africa to Your Birthday Boy’s Party? Top 3 Theme Party Ideas

Hosting birthday parties for kids is special. However, simply putting up some balloons and baking a cake won’t be enough.To make this party special for your little boy, you need to come up with unique ideas. Birthday theme parties are pretty standard nowadays, however planning and coming up with new and fresh ideas can be overwhelming. To throw your boy a birthday bash that he will remember, bring the lush and beautiful Africa to your birthday party with these top 3 theme party ideas.

Take Your Guests on an Adventure to Africa with a Safari Themed Party!

Bring the wild creatures of Africa to your kid’s birthday party with a Safari themed party. Kids love animals and what’s a better way to surprise them than by bringing the lush, evergreen wildlife of Africa to this special birthday bash. You can take the help of party planners to decorate the venue with safari decorations with 3D party props such as giraffe and panda cut-outs or putting up artificial trees and leaves at the venue to create that safari magic for the party.

Birthday party planners can also help you with event conceptualization by putting up birthday party decorations that are trendy, colourful, and delight your little guests. For kids, especially one-year-olds, you can dress them up in cute onesies of a bear, lion, or any animal print. Party planners can also help you set up a dessert table with different animal-shaped cupcakes such as monkeys, giraffe, panda, and various sweet treats to delight kids and adults. Birthday planners can also design a Safari themed birthday cake to make your Safari themed birthday party even more memorable! For games and activities, you can take your little guests on a safari ride with little trains. Create unforgettable memories and celebrate your toddler’s birthday with an adventurous Safari themed party.


Bring the Animal Kingdom to Your Boy’s Birthday Party with an Animal Themed Party!

The best part of hosting an animal-themed birthday party is that you have many options to decorate the venue with. Add a little wildness to your party with your kid’s favourite creatures such as gleeful owls, ferocious tigers, and cute pandas with birthday party planners.

Before your little guests come, you can decorate the party venue with different 3D props such as garlands of LED green balloons, wildflower garlands, and strings of different animal cut-outs. For food arrangements, you can start by arranging a dessert table full of sweet treats such as monkey candies, tiger cupcakes, and some delicious cotton candies. Birthday themes for a 1-year old boy can also include decorating the venue with 3D animal-themed backdrops with small details such as animal print tablecloths, animal-shaped glasses, or giraffe straws. You can enjoy this birthday theme and record every memorable moment!

Add a Twist to Your Boy’s Birthday with Neon Jungle Theme Party!

While jungle theme decorations are already popular with kids, you can make it even more interesting with a neon jungle theme party. Party organisers can help you put a twist on your usual jungle theme party with neon colours to make it more unique and memorable.

They can decorate the venue with garlands of glittery green balloons, LED green palm trees and include other 1st birthday decoration ideas for your birthday boy. Party organisers will ensure that everything is properly arranged. Right from making neon green birthday party invitations to arranging delicious finger sandwiches and jungle-themed candies and cookies to paying attention to every detail. Give the kids a whirl with a neon jungle-themed party and celebrate your kid’s birthday in style.