Best Dessert Table Styling for Party

Dessert tables are an exquisite treat to devour and scream celebrations all the way. The adventure land of endless sweets and savoury delights always catch everyone’s eye. No matter how old we get, we all have a child inside us with a massive sweet tooth just ready to attack the dessert table at the party. Although dessert is something which is served or introduced in the later course of the party, it is no less than a show stopper. Young and adult, everyone has their eyes for it to be available and dwell in to savour the sweetness of the desserts and enjoy them.

Be it any celebration like weddings, birthdays, graduation, Christmas, holidays, festivals, and the list continues,dessert is an inevitable part of any event.And when it comes to parties of any sort, nothing is quite like a dessert buffet with a breathtaking presentation. It arouses everyone’s childhood overflowing joy and fantasy of going into and experiencing their dessert island. Be it cupcakes, party-themed cakes, personalised chocolate bars, jelly beans, chocolate balls, sweet tarts, pies, rock candy pillow mints, cookie garlands, macrons, taffy, almonds, gummy bears, cookies, etc,a dessert is ought to be special.

A dessert table styling needs a lot of creative skills and patience to withstand the time this task needs. Styling a dessert table is a sophisticated job that entails themes, colour schemes, extremely delicious confectionaries, and many other ingredients to be arranged beautifully.


Styling a dessert table does not stop at the desserts and dishes, but its decoration, selection of serving trays and racks, furniture, etc. are important too.Hence, according to the different concepts allotted to your perfect occasions on demand, a dessert table styling package covers it all.

Wedding Dessert Table Styling

Different Occasions for Dessert Table Styling

There are countless concepts as special as you are with your occasion.Here are a few examples listed where one can showcase their creativity of Dessert Styling.

  • WeddingDessert Table Styling

Weddings are one of the most important occasions to have an enormous and gorgeous dessert table. The theme is quite personal with respect to the bride and groom and can be so much diverse. For example, vintage theme dessert tables, floral theme dessert tables,frozen theme dessert tables, rustic theme dessert tables, or any whimsical themed dessert tables, it always adds joy to weddings and adds a charm to dessert table styles.

  • Kids Birthday Party

A birthday is centered on making a child feel special and it is incomplete without a dessert table by your side. The birthday dessert table should be as joy and excitement filled as per the birthday girl or boy. It celebrates the joy of being born in this world .There are spectrum of shades to pick from because colours are very personal to children. Or one can also go for theme based parties like mad hatter’s tea party theme, moana theme party based dessert table,balloon party theme tables for dessert, or a jungle themed party dessert tables depending upon the choice of the birthday kid.

  • Baby Shower Dessert Table Styling

A fabulous party is worth it to welcome the good news of a new life in the world. Baby showers are extremely fun to have and celebrate with friends and family. Hence this good news should be always enjoyed with delicacies and desserts. A baby shower dessert table are meant to rock the party and give happiness to the to-be-mother.A baby shower party can have dessert table styles like floral theme party based dessert table or any whimsical theme party dessert table which can give the aura of peace and happiness to the health of to-be-born-baby.

Dessert Table Styling in Singapore

Best Themes for Dessert Table Styling

  • Dessert Table Styles for Safari Themed Party

A safari themed dessert table style is quite adventurous. This theme can be used in fun college parties, get-togethers, birthdays, graduation, etc. Safari itself has lots of fun elements to experiment like animals, colour scheme of green, fun and adventurous tools, etc. Of course, in this safari, you will find fun and delicious desserts with safari themed party supplies and safari themed treats, clad with animal themed spirit.

  • Dessert Table Styles for UnderwaterThemed Party

Underwater is a world of fascination.You can’t help but wonder what’s inside it. In the world of fantasies, we all know that there are mermaids, beautiful fishes, jellyfish, sea Turtles, exotic shells, and beautiful hues of blue. When added with the charm of exotic desserts and treats, it’s a sight and bite worth having. With chromic scales of mermaids, brilliant shades of blue and white pearls to the delicacies, it’s a table to be fascinated by every inch.

  • Dessert Table Styles for Transportation Themed Party

This theme allows a very quirky side of you into the styling of a dessert table. Elements like shining trains, buses, metros, cars and airplanes, they all take a delicious form of various cakes, cookies, waffles, pies, etc. This imaginary and brilliant theme can be the main show-stopper of your party to wow your guests with.

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