Birthday Theme Party Ideas for Girls

It’s no secret that birthday parties are important for kids. Girls today love parties that are fanciful with elaborate decorations and delectable desserts. However, sometimes deciding a theme can be overwhelming as there are so many to choose from. Don’t be disheartened, we have prepared a list of birthday party theme ideas for girls to make their day magical. Read on for creative and unique birthday party theme ideas for girls.

5 Theme Ideas To Throw The Ultimate Birthday Party For Girls!

1. Go ‘Under the Sea’ with a Mermaid Themed Party

Create the enchanting world of the ocean with a mermaid-themed birthday party. Let your girl be her favorite character from Disney- “Ariel” for a day. Planning mermaid themed decorations can be tricky, so here are a few mermaid party ideas for you:

  • You can get mermaid crowns for the sea princesses.

  • For the birthday cake, you can get creative and make a mermaid scale cake or even a dolphin cake.

  • No party is complete without balloons, hence, decorate the place with blue or sea green coloured balloons.


You can also have a dessert table with mermaid tail cupcakes as treats for your sea princesses.

2. Create a Winter Wonderland With Frozen Themed Birthday Party

Frozen is a Disney movie that every girl loves. When it comes to throwing a frozen birthday party, the magic lies in getting the details right. The secret sauce here is getting the right party supplies for your frozen party decoration to create a winter wonderland effect.

You can take inspiration from the movie and get 3D party props such as stuffed Olaf and Elsa or hang wintery branches and snowflakes. Have a styled dessert table with yummy snowflake cupcakes and other delicious sweet treats to make up for a sparkling and spectacular frozen party decoration.

3. Have a Fairytale Themed “Alice in Wonderland’ Party

Take your little guests on an adventure to wonderland with the kids’ most favourite character ‘Alice’. Alice in Wonderland is a character-filled story, hence you can get decoration ideas from there.

Some of the Alice in Wonderland party decoration ideas include dressing your girl like Alice, the white rabbit, or the Mad hatter. Set up the stage with mismatched teacups, colourful balloons, and stuffed animals like the Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, or Tweedle-dee and Tweedledum. You can also arrange a musical chair game around your beautifully styled dessert table, as portrayed in the story.

Alice in Wonderland Party Decoration Ideas
Beautifully Styled Dessert Table

4. Go Pink with a “Pink Themed Birthday Party”

Girls go gaga over pink. Pink is every little girl’s favourite colour. What better way to organise a birthday party for your little princess than to incorporate a ‘pink themed birthday party’.

From pink cupcakes to pink balloons, there are several pink birthday party decorations to choose from. You can use different pink shades while decorating the venue for your little girl’s birthday party. You can also incorporate the colour while deciding the menu, such as pink cupcakes, pink cotton candy, pink frosting on cookies, or pink coloured candies.

5. Throw a Whimsical Garden Themed Birthday Party

Celebrate your little girl’s birthday party outdoor with a whimsical garden themed birthday party. You can arrange different outdoor activities for your little guests such as games and camping. Your girls can run freely and enjoy themselves with fairytale decorations and other colourful party supplies. Colourful party decorations such as birdcages, flowers, chairs, tables, and other accessories make up for the best time outdoors in the sun.

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