How To Host A Drool Worthy Galaxy Theme Party?

Have you heard about the phrase “Love you to the moon and back”? Surprise your loved ones with a unique galaxy theme party on their special day. Birthday parties are special, whether it is for an adult or a kid. With a galaxy theme party, there is so much room for creativity and you can add many fun elements to make this party engaging. Now, whisk your guests away on a space journey with these simple birthday party arrangements at home.

“Over the Moon” Themed Party

Bring the solar galaxy to your backyard with an ‘over the moon’ theme party. There’s nothing more sparkling and beautiful than the moon and now you can decorate your place with some outer space birthday party decorations for a picturesque background. Here are a few tips you can follow while preparing for your kids’ or your loved ones’ “Over the Moon” themed party:

  1. Create personalised birthday party invitations by adding the moon and the stars.

  2. For space party decoration, you can create different centrepieces by adding silver and black moon and balloons or adding LED balloons to the entrance.

  3. You can also hire party organisers to create a picturesque moon cake and style a dessert table with galaxy themed cupcakes.

  4. Keep your menu simple but elaborative with various black and blue drinks and silver sprinkled sweet treats.

  5. Ensure that you keep the party fun with music and you could also organise a tarot card reading for your guests to keep them on the hook.

A Futuristic Rocket Themed Party

Add a twist to a normal birthday party with a ‘Rocket themed party’. We often tell our kids to reach the stars, so why not send your guests on a rocket journey to the distant spaces of the galaxy with some futuristic space birthday decorations and elaborate centrepieces.  Here are a few simple ideas you can follow for an amazing rocket themed birthday party:

  1. Create invitations with a rocket or some space elements on the front page, and get creative with the fonts to make it futuristic and fun.

  2. You can also keep a customised welcome sign at the entrance for a photo op with quotes such as “Let’s blast off”, or “Welcome to NASA 2.0”.

  3. For a rocket themed party, you can go big and create a stellar celestial space map or create a big rocket space ship as a centrepiece with the help of birthday party organisers. However, if you want to keep it simple then you can also create a balloon garland of different colours with stars and moons balloons as a centrepiece.

  4. Birthday surprise planners can also help you with setting up a stylish dessert table and making food arrangements as per the theme.

  5. Make things super exciting by playing some games and blasting off to amazing music with your guests to celebrate this special moment.

Space Themed Party

Up until now, we have talked about the galaxy, over the moon, and rocket themed parties. However, you can take your guests out-of-the-world with a space-themed party. Generally, a space-themed party is all about blue, black, and green party props, hence, while planning your party with a birthday party event planner, make sure to include them in your colour palate.

Now that you have a few space-themed decorations in mind, you can move on to planning the food menu. With a professional birthday event management company, you can arrange for an exciting dessert table filled with space elements such as aliens, milky way bars, shooting stars popsicles, and rocket candies.

Dreams & Doodle – For Your Party Planning Needs

To add to excitement of your party, Dreams & Doodle can help you with more exciting party ideas.

A birthday party should be an event that everyone can enjoy and engage in. With these simple galaxy-themed birthday parties, get ready for a fun-filled night full of laughter and memorable moments.