The DreamBox is the brainchild of Fifie & Karen -- two old friends who absolutely love the process of creating art, and they are excited to share this love with everyone around -- both adults and children alike!

Each DreamBox consists of 3-5 craft activities, with all the instructions and materials necessary for the user to create their own art project. All the activities in the box are in theme and ultimately tie in with one another. Having no fixed template, every product will turn out slightly different depending on your creativity. We strongly believe that the DreamBox has the potential to bring out the unique you! Ultimately, the aim is for every user to immerse themselves in the process of creating and exploring, thus finding the wonderment in the conception of their individual project.

DreamBoxes can certainly be curated with age--appropriate activities, encouraging young children to acquire the following general skills: 

  • Creative Freedom of Expression

  • Hand-Eye Motor Coordination

  • Parent--Child Bonding


Having a party and can't decide what to give your guests after? DreamBoxes would definitely be a fun and unique party favour for all occasions. Whether as an ideal distraction for restless children during festive family gatherings, or an interactive bonding activity among friends, these art boxes are sure to add an extra punch to your event. Other suggestions where our DreamBoxes can make their appearance at include:

  • Anniversary Party

  • Baby Shower

  • Bacholerette Party 

  • Bar MItzvah

  • Birthday Party

  • Graduation Night

& many more!


Our DreamBoxes are available for purchase in an array of themes. In addition to the range that is constantly available, we have special themed boxes that are launched seasonally, so stay tuned for our updates! 


Our team is always on the look out for local partners to collaborate with us on the DreamBoxes. If you are in the business of producing handcrafted knick-knacks, children's books, or anything that might complement the educational & artistic value of our DreamBoxes, do drop us an email at enquiry@dreamsanddoodle.com!

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