How To Throw A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for Kids?

Are you looking for unique fairytale party ideas for your kid’s birthday party? Then bring the delights of Alice in wonderland into the party with a mad hatter's tea party. Kids love the story of Alice in Wonderland and Mad hatter is one of the most interesting characters in the book. Read on to learn more about how to throw a mad hatter's tea party with quirky party decorations and props in Singapore.

5 Tips to Throw the Ultimate Mad Hatter's Tea Party for Kids!

1. Make Colourful Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitations

Start the planning of your party by making colorful mad hatter tea party invitations. You can add different asymmetrical flowers to make it aesthetically pleasing. You can even add fairytale elements such as a floating teacup or add a picture of the Mad Hatter himself, in your invitation to make it exciting and let the audience know the theme.

2. Use 3D Party Props for Decorating the Venue

Evoke a fairytale ambiance with mad hatter's tea party props. You can use 3D props such as string lights, birdcages, balloons, lanterns, 3D clocks, 3D flowers, and other mad hatter tea party props over the tea-table. You can also cover the tea-table with beautiful teacups, yummy desserts, and a cascading tablecloth for the themed display. You can also surround the venue with other centerpieces such as vintage chairs and colorful banners for a fanciful twist.

3. Ensure that there are Treats for Your Guests

A picturesque dessert table will beautifully complement your Mad Hatter tea party. Tablescape is an important element in a mad hatter themed party, hence, you need to pay special attention to it. Here are some mad hatter's tea party food ideas that you can style for the party.

  • You can decorate your table with fancy desserts such as tea cakes, sponge cakes, lemon cakes, and cheesecakes.

  • Serve bunny-shaped cupcakes to delight the children.

  • You can also make finger sandwiches that are fitting to the theme.

  • Have a good helping of different sweet treats such as a chocolate chip cookie.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for Kids
5 Tips to Throw the Ultimate Mad Hatter's Tea Party for Kids

4. Mad Hatter Tea Party Costume Ideas and Decorations

If you are organising a Mad Hatter Tea Party, you better have a costume ready for your kid. Costumes are party decorations and are one of the few ways through which you can make the party fun and interesting. Here are some simple and fun ideas that you can follow.

  • For the costume, you can dress up your kid as the Mad Hatter, but you can also draw inspiration from other characters in the fairytale such as Alice, the Cheshire cat, the white rabbit, or the Queen of Hearts for more costume ideas.

  • Try having different colored hats at your party.

  • Have stuffed Animals so that the kids can play with them.

  • You can also decorate the venue with red and white roses to relate to the theme more.

5. Arrange for Mad Hatter's Tea Party Games

Along with mad hatter's tea party props, you can arrange for some activities to keep the mad hatters entertained. You can organise for some board games, scavenger hunt, or a laughing game.

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