How to Organise a Safari-Themed Party

Do you know what it takes to make a party successful? The secret lies in having a unique theme and good food.  If you are on the lookout for unique theme ideas for your kid’s birthday partyor even for your party, then you are in luck, here’s everything you need to know about organising a safari-themed party for an occasion

What’s So Cool About A Safari Themed Party?

Have you ever been to Africa? The green jungles, the wild animals, the beautiful sceneries, all contribute to a perfect wild experience. How about bringing these fun elements to your party? With a safari-themed party, you can convert your venue into a place of fun and activity. You can decorate your place with some 3D props, and other centerpieces to create a fun vibe and then decide the menu accordingly. Themed parties are pretty standard nowadays and a safari-themed party could help you fascinate your guests. For your complete reference, we have given below more details about making your safari themed party successful.

safari-themed party decoration props

Tips To Decorate Your Venue

You can make a lasting impression on your guests and make them feel that they’ve stepped in a jungle with these simple hacks to use in safari-themed party decorations.

  • The first step while planning an event is preparing a guest list and sending out invites. You can get creative and send out invites with printed leaves or any creative print to indicate the theme of your party.

  • For a natural jungle-like feel, you should consider putting up like green balloons, animal-shaped balloons, artificial green leaves, bright lights,or even 3D animal props.

  • To make your more real, you can design masks for your guests. They can be of different animals like butterflies, tigers, or any other creature.

  • To make your party more engaging, you can add sounds of the jungle-like birds chirping, the rustling of leaves, or any other sound to make the party more appealing.

  • While decorating your venue with , also plan out different entertainment activities like games, rides, or any other fun activities that go along with your


To add more dimension, you can decorate your ceiling with jungle theme decoration like artificial green leaves, or bright lights so that it makes the venue brighter and if you want, you can twist the concept a little and decorate your ceiling to give it a ‘jungle life at night’like feel to your party.

zoo themed birthday cake

Tips While Deciding & Decorating Your Menu

What’s a party without good food? You can follow these simple hacks to make your birthday party even more special!

  • Have a dessert table with different animal-themed cupcakes or jellies for decorations. They are cute and your guests will go crazy with different

  • You could also use animal cupcake toppers, in other sense use animal toppings for cupcakes other than frosting.

  • How about having a for your birthday? A birthday cake in sync with the theme can add a splash to your party.

  • Serve fresh fruits and vegetables for your guest to graze on.

  • You can decide your menu to include delicacies that match your and also have your cutlery match the theme.

  • A Safari Themed Backdrop can help to add to the feel of the party.


The more elements you add, the more exciting a party will be. In such cases, if you have a helping hand, the task becomes

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