Party Planning With Dreams & Doodle

Planning A Party by Yourself?

A party is one such occasion where you expect each and everything around you to be perfect and enthusiastic. An aura that brings out the happiness within you and a ambience that lets you explore the kid in you which does not reveal itself in regular days. A place where you get so engaged with the surroundings that no worry of the world has the power to drift you neither mentally nor physically. A venue where you expect everything to be up to your expectations and perfect, so that you can enjoy the party with your loved ones.


But can you organize a party by yourself?!

Party planning is an art and one cannot excel in it without the zest of doing something creative and innovative.  Making arrangements and organizing the complete party single handedly becomes a tough job and if the host of the party has to look after the arrangements, many things could become loose ends. And the nervousness and constant stress about whether the visitors are enjoying it or not, becomes an additional gift.

Dreams & Doodle - As The Best Party Planner For Your Party

This is where Dreams & Doodle comes in. We understand all your problems and have taken up the responsibility of organizing the best parties for you. After planning and experiencing weddings for 13 years, RUBINA TIYU, the founder of “Dreams & Doodle” felt that it was high time to give a different recognition to her art of party planning. And this was where the journey of “Dreams & Doodle” began.


Understanding the need of a customer and fulfilling their demands are two sides of the same coin and also the toughest part of the entire job. But no matter what, we always try to do the best for our customers and strive hard to see the look of satisfaction on our customer’s face. And every occasion and parties bring us a step closer to knowing the needs of the current generation and not only fulfilling but succeeding their expectations.


Over the years we have experienced a lot of parties and in every party we organize, we try to bring a new concept or thought to life. Here, we would like to share a few of our experiences and take you through the memory lane.

Parties Organized By Us

JMC Bar Mitzvah

Coordinating a full-day event at different locations is no easy feat. With experience in organizing Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we assist in managing and liaising with various vendors, handling party invitations and RSVPs, down to your guests’ dietary requirements. At Julian’s request, we also sourced for a DJ and arcade games for his guests to enjoy. With a customized event timeline and our actual day coordination, we oversee the whole event to ensure that everything is perfect.


Thea’s 100th Day

We love fresh and intriguing party themes! Sherlyn approached us about styling for her daughter’s 100th Day party with a unique theme – pumpkin patch. With our speciality in creating customized 3D props and backdrops, we recreated pumpkins of different sizes and used real pumpkins for table décor. We conceptualized various décor elements in line with the theme.


Nelly’s 50th

Planning a surprise party for your loved ones? Leave it to us to smooth out the details for you. Working closely with our client, we planned a surprise birthday party for his beloved wife. Decorations included a photo gallery for a trip down memory lane and an over-the-top stage backdrop. To ensure that the surprise goes without a hitch, we coordinated with the venue and guests to make special arrangements.


Chan’s Par-Tee

A golf-themed party for a golf enthusiast and his friends! Infusing Chan’s love for golf, we customized mini golf stations and a friendly competition between guests. To create a cohesive theme, the decoration included elements of golf, from foliage backdrop to table florals.

And the list continues. But that’s not it. The real pleasure for us will be when you too join us and become a part of our Dreams & Doodle family!