Party Props for Modern Parties

A party has never come alive withou music, people, and props. If you think about it, a place won't ever look ready to party without party props and decorations. These props bring about the charm and ambience of the party and get you zoned in for the fun occasion.

So how do you get these perfect event props decoration suitable to your theme? Read more to find out a list of different party props that you should include in your party without forgetting.

Different Types Of Party Props Available In Market

  • Invitation Cards

Invitation cards are the most exceptional element of any party. The appeal, theme, design, and integrity of the party lie on its invitation cards. It is still a classic and an effective way of informing the guests about your party’s whereabouts. There is a wide spectrum of party themed invitation cards available in the market that are customisable and special just like your occasion. One needs to have high attention to detail towards the invitation cards to increase the curiosity of your guests.

  • Party Wares

The scheme of your party wares must match the expectations of the occasion as well as the theme it is concentrated upon. These include plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, napkins, and many small elements to add to your dessert table. These are minute graceful details of the parties which never goes unnoticed and add to the party-sight. You can also add different props like 3D party props which might be in reference to your party theme. A minute detail can add to the aura of your party.

  • Decorations

How do you know it’s a party? By its decoration, to uplift its Specialty. To create an environment where people just get into the mood of fun and celebration, decorations are very vital. Party Decorations differentiate the ordinary place and a party location where you get to enjoy with your beloved guests on your special day. There is an endless list of what you can do with these decorations. Balloons, confetti, centerpiece, wall hangings, lightings, party blowers, vines, plants, showpieces, and banners are just to name a few party planning supplies.

  • Bags/ Boxes/ Goodies

To show your guests a heartfelt appreciation for presenting their time and love towards an event, a token is necessary to elevate the spirit of gratitude. Gifts like goodies, bags, or boxes may contain bits and pieces of gifts representing the time they had at the party, making it more memorable than ever.

Event Props Decoration

Current Trend Of 3d Party Props

Living in the age of technology and moving swiftly into it more and more, we see it capturing its delight everywhere. Parties and events are the best places to utilise them. A themed 3D party props can work like a charm at any party. The transparent balloons with lights within them giving the vibe of anime or big gold word/letters balloon to symbolise the purpose of the party in a fun way. Animal props, themed lighting, trees, and so much more are available in 3D designs to emboss the luxury of a fantastic party.

Theme Based Party Props

  • Tropical/ Safari Themed Parties

In celebration of mother nature, this type of party theme brings the bliss of the tropics indoors. Various plants, herbs, shrubs, trees and various other props elevate the tropical vibe. Various vines such as creepers add as a small graceful note. The wood furniture inspires a casual relaxing atmosphere. Party planners come handy with the jungle themed party props supply.

When it comes to safari, animal elements in the decorations, trees, etc. matters with a joyful spirit to explore the wild. A party planning service can provide you the best safari themed party supplies in the market for your perfect venture.

  • Birthday Parties

When it comes to birthdays, a celebration is a must. People of all ages including grown-ups and kids would like to feel special for a day to celebrate their personal New Year. And a party decorator knows how to elevate the standards of a birthday party by providing a service full of top notch birthday party supplies, including cakes, decoration, food, furniture, arrangement & lights to create the vibe of a perfect birthday as special as you are. If you are willing to make your party grand one can opt for best party planners.

A birthday when it comes to kids is like a fascination for the Wonderland. Hence, kids party props for birthdays, which includes all the birthday party supplies including extra eye-catching pieces like photo booth props, play playgroups, selfie corners, etc should be opted.

  • Masquerade Theme Parties

A masquerade is a very fun and intimate party to be in, to feel the mystery and luxury in a night full of costumes, masks, music, and classy style. One could use masquerade party props and arrangements for the very grand and classy event and opt for party props like glittering balls, masks, and various other such props.

  • Disco Themed Parties

Who does not love a fun disco night? With the chilled environment filled with catchy music, disco lights, flashy beams, and lightened dance floor, everything is lit! At a disco party, one could use different props like Disco Ball Headband, Vintage Record Cupcake Stand, 3D Disco Ball-shaped stands, and many more exciting props.

Disco Themed Parties

If you are wondering where to get all of it, you can contact Dreams & Doodle as we provide the best party supplies in Singapore. Be it balloons, lights, sitting arrangements, decorations, fun props, ambience, etc., we are always ready with best party props in Singapore.