How to Throw A Minimalistic Yet Stylish Birthday Party?

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” This was once said by Leonardo da Vinci. The level of class that you can achieve by being minimalistic is unmatched. It doesn’t necessarily mean that putting efforts to have a unique experience is not worthy instead it means putting those efforts in the right direction.

The same goes for any event or party that you want to organise. A modest yet elegant could become a memorable one by just giving a little thought to it. The first step is to check what the occasion is and then plan for all the things like venue, food, decoration, and other party supplies. To keep things more monotone, decide on a theme. Consider an example that someone wants to throw a birthday party for their child. Let me take you through the journey of planning and arrangements.

Choose and settle on a theme that your child will love, something that he is fascinated about, like a galaxy theme party for children who are drawn towards stars or space theme party for those fascinated by planets or over the moon theme party for moon fan kids. Now plan the things one by one.

Dessert And Food - Most Basic Necessary Party Supplies

Children love sweets and chocolates which means these have to be included in the party. So, you can set a themed dessert table and involve the confectionery food items that include the element of the theme. Like for the galaxy theme party, you can have star-shaped cookies. You can order a delicious cake coloured in blue and violet icing with white spots on it representing the stars. Similarly, you can get candies and cupcakes in this colour. To enhance the effect, you can get specially designed donuts which can be portrayed as the shooting star to create a deeper effect.

Don’t stop only at dessert, you can even go further by getting the snacks that display the theme effortlessly.


You can do so many things while decorating according to the theme of your choice and create the whole vibe. 3D party props that can help elevate the theme even further are balloons, birthday backdrops for photos, and lights. Plan these components wisely and you will get a simple yet aesthetically pleasing look. You can use black sequin cloth to fashion the dark yet sparkly galaxies. Use it at various places like wall covers, table cloths, black photoshoot backdrop paper. In addition, use black and golden balloons to create a contrast with the black birthday party background while the balloons represent planets and galaxies. Balloon arches on the main welcoming gate or at the stage are so in trend and boost the complete look of the party.

For photo studio background and photography backdrops, try to create a white background so that pictures are clearer and details are visible in the photo. You can do this by getting a shimmery cloth or background paper in white colour. Keep the lightning very minimal to frame the whole space and galaxy look. You can put white fairy lights on a black background and use them as little shining stars.

Galaxy and space themes were just templates here. Experiment with different Samsung galaxy themes and create jaw-dropping looks on your own. You can get these fun black party supplies easily from professional party planners. These space party supplies will surely make your party look elegant and stylish with minimum efforts and products.

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