The Dream Team

The origin of the DreamBox stems from one coffee morning between two old friends who share a love of crafting anything & everything into art pieces. More than that, they enjoy the process of creating, and believe in imparting this love to both adults and children alike. 

Fifie Said - Founding Fairy

Having been an early childhood educator for over 15 years, Fifie's vast experience in teaching and engaging children is difficult to parallel. Together with a pioneer team, Fifie spearheaded play--based, art--based, and inquiry--based learning in Singapore from 2007 onwards. Today, Fifie combines her knowledge of pedagogic methods with a keen sense of artistic creativity to produce original, unique craft activities that encourages free creative expression & exploration. Fifie has a Bachelor of Education (Hons) in English, and a Master of Education in Psychology & Early Childhood.

Karen Young - Creative Fairy 

Karen is a mother of 3 who firmly believes that learning should not be limited to a sterile classroom, and this has driven her to find alternative measures to educate her own children. Beyond seeking out a play--based curriculum, she often allows them free reign to gather all sorts of seemingly useless materials in the house, and and use it to create something beautiful. Some of Karen's most precious moments include seeing the joy and wonderment in her children's eyes as their 'art projects' slowly take shape. Her sharp eye for all things creative, and unconditional belief that anything can be re- appropriated for art positions her well as Founder and Advisor of the DreamBox.

Amanda Liew - Craft Fairy

Prior to joining Dreams & Doodle, Amanda was active in the early childhood education sector. For 7 years, she taught young children from18 months of age up until 6 years of age. Her experience in planning age-appropriate hands-on learning activities over the years have rightly equipped her with the perspective & knowledge that goes into crafting DreamBoxes. Her love for children and passion for education spur her to consistently come up with new ideas, and put together a box that is engaging, creative, and educational all in one. Amanda has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, and a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Educational Studies and Leadership.

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