Themed Parties for Baby Showers

Baby showers are the perfect way to show your happiness to the mom-to-be. It is the celebration of life and a chance to make happy memories. However, if you are in charge of planning it, then it can be quite overwhelming to find inspiration. Read on for some fresh and creative baby shower party theme ideas to show your love to the mom-to-be and also keep the guests entertained.

Top Baby Shower Ideas to Throw the Cutest Party!

Floral Themed Baby Shower

Celebrate the mom-to-be with a flower themed baby shower complete with whimsical decorations, scrumptious desserts, and plenty of fun. Flowers transform the room and create a vibrant atmosphere that is perfect for a baby shower.

Flower styling is a simple baby shower decoration idea that you can personalise according to your taste. Arrange an assortment of flowers including roses, poppy flowers, sunflowers, and lilies to add a pop of colour to the celebration. You can add flower centrepieces to the entrance, food table, dessert table, or event at the gift table for the guests to admire. Flowers cupcakes in a mason jar also make up for unique baby shower gifts for the mom-to-be.

Aim for the Stars with a ‘Galaxy Themed Baby Shower’

Add a spark to the celebration with a galaxy themed baby shower. This baby shower decoration will require the use of different 3D props such as LED lights, moon, and star glitter balloons. You can also add other baby shower props like starry lights, quote frames, sprinklers, and chandeliers to make your guests feel out of the world.

Baby shower food ideas for the galaxy theme can include a tablescape with sprinkled cupcakes and star cookies inspired by the theme. You can also make an entry board that acts as a centrepiece with stars, moon, and other galaxy elements.

Balloon themed Baby Shower

Balloons are the go-to party props for baby shower. With this theme, you can experiment with the colour scheme and add versatility to the baby shower decoration as they are available in various shapes and textures.

You can decorate the dessert table and the entrance with metallic letter balloons. You can communicate your message in a chic and stylish way without having to spend too much.

To make your baby shower decoration even more interesting, you can create a centrepiece with a bunch of balloons in the middle of the dessert table. Whether you like pastels, glitters, or colours - balloons decorations fit all your needs.

Balloon Themed Baby Shower
Themed Parties for Baby Showers

Bring Malibu to Your Backyard with “Tropical Themed Baby Shower”

Does the mom-to-be love beaches? Then there is nothing better than hosting a tropical themed baby shower.

For this baby shower theme, you can organise a flamingo themed cake, pineapple-shaped treats, and make flower headbands for everyone. Other baby shower decoration ideas can include 3D party props such as flower garlands, decorative palm trees, colourful balloons, and many more such themes.

Bring the Caribbean vibes to the baby shower with a tropical themed baby shower to surprise the mom-to-be and to make unforgettable memories.

The Final Tip

For a successful baby shower, getting the theme right isn’t going to be enough. You specifically need to pay attention to baby shower decorations and give it a personal spin to make it look intimate and fun.

You also need to level up your food game and present your guests with dishes that match the aesthetic of the theme. Besides, food and decoration do not forget to add a styled table for gifts placing.

If everything feels staggering then, you could hire professional party planners for a memorable baby shower that the mom-to-be will remember forever. Don’t forget that this is a special celebration, hence enjoy it and make unforgettable memories at the party.