Trendiest Themed Party Ideas For Teenagers To Drool Over!

Gathering cool teenage party ideas for Gen Z can be daunting as they want things that are trendy and futuristic. As your kid gets older, the list of things they consider ‘cool’ gets wider and trickier. While birthday cakes and invitations are still pretty much essential for a birthday party, you have to rack your brains for unique theme party ideas for teens. Luckily, birthday party organisers have an exciting list of simple and trendy theme parties that will make the teens drool over!

Top 4 Theme Party Ideas for Teenagers

Travel Themed Party for the Wanderlust

Who doesn’t love to travel? Now, you can bring their favourite cities to life with elaborative travel party decorations. If your teen loves London or European culture then you can have various centrepieces such as a red telephone booth, or serve sophisticated English tea and cupcakes to the guests. Whichever destination you choose, with the help of birthday party organisers you can decorate the venue with the cultural elements of that place and keep the menu and music accordingly.

If you want to keep it simple, then travel themed decorations could also include polaroid of your travel pics as a background for a photo-op or you can create a map of your teen’s favourite places and decorate it with different balloons. Explore different cities and different cultures with a travel-themed party.

Bring Your Favourite Sitcom to Life with a Game of Thrones Party

Game of Thrones is a popular show that has captured the attention of many people. You can plan a birthday party for your teen with a game of thrones theme party. There are so many ideas for games of thrones party decorations you can play with. You can decorate the venue with 3D party props such as dragons, swords, and wolves. You can also plant different quotes of your favourite characters from the show as centrepieces on your dessert table or at the entrance.

Event planners can also arrange the food menu in vintage glasses and dishes for an added effect. Dress up as your favourite characters from the show such as Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, orDaenerys Targaryen, and enjoy this memorable event!


Travel the World with a Train Themed Party

Trains are meant to take you to your favourite places and the possibilities are endless. For a train-themed party, you can bring different elements to the birthday party such as crossroads, vintage trains, and different balloons garlands.

Professional birthday party planners can assist you to transform the venue into a train station with attention-seeking props. Party ideas for teenagers can also include games and food as per your preferences.

Robot Themed Party for a Futuristic Event

While technology is taking over the world, you can have a robot-themed party to celebrate your teen’s birthday in style. The event planner company can assist you in transforming the venue into a futuristic utopia where your guests can dance and enjoy the night and make unforgettable memories.

You can use different LED silver and black balloons and set the scene with various centrepieces such as string lights, LED lights, Retro Disc balls, transformers, and other futuristic elements.


Dreams & Doodle - We Know How Your Kids Want Parties!

While hosting a birthday party for teenagers is certainly not easy, you can seek out the help of various professional event planners to plan a surprise for your teen and ensure that their birthday makes them feel special and they can enjoy to the fullest.

We at Dreams & Doodle, have a long list of exciting themes for parties to help you make your kid’s birthday party memorable and unforgettable.And we can help you to ensure that you can enjoy and have quality time with your children.