Top 7 Tips on Dessert Table Styling

Parties are a great way to celebrate any special occasion. Gathering your loved ones for having fun gives a kick that can be added to your happiness. Now for a party to be called successful, dessert is a must. As Sarah Ockler, an author said “I’ve never met a problem a proper cupcake couldn’t fix.” Desserts are the hero of any party and can be an excellent solution to divert your mind for any problem.

Dessert table styling is a big thing nowadays. There are many things and aspects which should be kept in mind while decorating a dessert table. But before you do that we have a few tips for you to go through. Let’s go through through this step by step.


1. Plan All You Want

Sit down and plan all sorts of things of what all you want on your dessert table. Writing down the ideas can be a great help s you wouldn’t have to burden yourself to remember all of it later on. If you don’t have any new creative ideas, you can use any social media for inspiration, and it could become even better if you hire a party styling service who can help you do it all with even better ideas!

2. Choose a Theme

Go for theme-based parties. You could go for any theme and go for a safari themed party, transportation themed party or even a tropical themed party as per your wish. You can ask your guests to dress according to whatever theme you have finally chosen. Pick up food and decoration pieces that create the ambiance of the theme. You can also choose other accessories like napkins, plates etc. that match to the theme of your party.

3. Dessert and Decoration Selection

This is the most important and exciting part of any event. Here you can play with all different kinds of flavours and food eataries depending on your party theme. You can choose dessert and decoration which will not only create an ambience but also will intrigue your guests. For example, if your theme is safari, then get safari themed party supplies and safari themed treats like cookies with the face of different animals. For cakes, you can ask the baker to make some animal designs on the cake. It all depends on how you choose and not to forget but you can always have a helping hand like party decoration services as they can set it all perfectly for you.


4. Lay the Layout

Now that you have selected everything the way you want, it’s time to lay everything out. According to your sweets and dessert variety, you could choose the different crates and containers to design the table. Add some layers for different types of dessert. Place all your food items and you are ready to go!

5. Add a backdrop

Wait, Did I say you are ready to go? Well, one thing that we always forget to give your background the theme style. In addition to food and decoration, add miniatures related to the theme to give a more interesting look. For this, you could use 3D Props available in the market or get your party planner to find theme based party supplies.

6. Use Sparkle

Some themes allow you to play with sparkle here and there. A mermaid themed party or a frozen themed party means you can use sparkle in decoration and edible sparkle in sweets and give your dessert table style an additional look. For boys, you can use neon glowing objects instead of sparkle.

7. Enjoy

Last but not the least, enjoy the party! Have fun and celebrate the cause. Because no matter how you do, the presentation will definitely look amazing.


Planning a party and its execution can be a little overwhelming. There are many companies out there who offer party styling services.

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