Add Colour To Your Party With Exciting Theme Ideas

Birthdays only come once a year, hence, to surprise your loved one, you need to make it as perfect as possible. Whether you are planning a birthday party for your teen girl or a special person, having a colour pallet for the birthday party works to make it attractive and eye-catching. If you are looking for some theme party ideas, here are a few ideas you can incorporate to liven up the party:

Chic Lilac Themed Birthday Party

Lilac is a fresh colour that symbolizes spring and renewal. You can choose different birthday party decorations like a lilac coloured balloon garland or lilac coloured tableware. You can even team up the colour with white or silver for an added effect. For a more elaborate birthday celebration, you can decorate your lilac theme party with purple roses, lilac flowers, or purple streamers.

Birthday party decorators can even arrange lilac coloured cupcakes or a birthday cake with lilac flowers. Get creative with the birthday celebrations and surprise your loved oneswith a lilac theme party.

Enjoy the Birthday with a Pastel Unicorn Themed Party

Having a unicorn theme birthday party is a fun concept for anyone who appreciates all things colourful and whimsical. Pastel coloured unicorn props make a great accessory for birthday party decorations. The best thing about having a pastel unicorn themed birthday party is that you can make a unicorn pinata full of glitter, candies, and streamers and enjoy bashing it.

You can arrange a birthday party at home and also hang pastel coloured unicorn balloons as centrepieces around the party venue. Eat unicorn cupcakes, drink colourful shakes, and enjoy your special day with your loved ones with a pastel unicorn themed birthday party.


Bring Your Childhood Memories Back with a Colourful Confetti Themed Party!

Do you remember those days when you loved throwing around confetti? Now bring back those precious memories with confetti and colourful themed party. Bake some marble cupcakes, confetti cookies, and colourful baked goodies on this special day with your loved ones.

Bloody Mary Birthday Party

How about bringing some spookiness to your birthday party? With a Bloody Mary birthday theme, you can entertain your guests with some games and dress up as different interesting characters.

With this unique birthday theme, you can decorate the party venue in black and red elements such as black and red balloons, add some red glitter to the birthday party decoration, and prep up a dance floor to show your moves. Birthday planners can help you add a twist to your menu and prepare some floating drinks and red velvet cupcakes to dazzle your guests. With a number of preparations now you are ready to celebrate your birthday in the perfect style with a Bloody Mary theme party.

Make it Count with a Black Luxury Theme Party

Black is a classy colour which is one of the reasons why it suits everyone. With a black luxury theme party, you can create an all-exclusive party to celebrate your birthday with ditz and glamour. For birthday party invitations you can design it in black and gold to convey the theme of the party.

Next, for a luxury black theme party, you can decorate the venue with black LED balloons and black streamers. For an added effect, you can curate the menu to include food items that are black in colour such as black cupcakes, black marble cookies, and chocolate fondue.

Get Crazy with a Pink Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love pink? You can create a beautiful pink wonderland themed venue for your kid’s special day with the help of birthday party planners. Pink is the perfect colour for a kid’s birthday party or even for an adult’s birthday.

You can add pink or pastel helium balloons to the venue or have a flamingo as a centrepiece. There are many options where you can get creative with the colour pink. You can get in touch with birthday party decorators to host an unforgettable birthday party.